Engineered Products Company

From your 2D prints, 3D models, and engineering specifications, we manufacture your engineered mechanical components and ship worldwide from our North American-based distribution centers or directly from our factories in Asia. Our engineered products company handles manufacturing and logistics while providing engineering and quality control support services. We provide you with one source for all of your mechanical component requirements. From rubber parts to automotive castings, we have everything you could need.

Why Choose Connor Corporation?

  • Our corporate headquarters in Fort Wayne, Indiana, houses our engineering, customer service, sales, executive, and administrative teams.
  • We have distribution centers in Indiana and Texas and a “Foreign Trade Zone” facility to service our customers with factories in Mexico with the ability to ship directly from our factories to our global customers.
  • We manufacture in the U.S. and in low-cost countries throughout Asia.
  • We have bilingual engineering and quality personnel in Asia.
  • Connor Corporation and our manufacturing partners are ISO 9001-2015 certified, with many partners TS or IATF 16949 certified, as well as QDO14001 certified.
  • We provide engineered mechanical and rubber components for our customers in North America.