Posts made in August 2019

August 2019

Fort Wayne, IN USA – Connor Corporation is happy to announce the expansion of its supply chain to India.  Connor’s casting and forging manufacturing capabilities have been expanded into Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore areas of India, providing Connor’s customers with another location for reducing costs and avoiding tariffs on engineered components from China.

For customers with manufacturing locations in the US, Connor can supply tariff free components from their Fort Wayne warehouse using Connor’s manufacturing locations in India, Southeast Asia and the USA.

India and USA handshake

For customers with manufacturing locations in Mexico, Connor will continue to supply parts produced in China from their Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) warehouse in Brownsville, Texas.  This will allow Connor to supply tariff free components to factories in Mexico.

If your current supply of castings, forgings or rubber molded parts from China or elsewhere is no longer competitive or being impacted by the current and potential tariffs, please contact Connor Corporation at to discuss your options and to take action now.