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February 12, 2021

News Release – February 12, 2021

Fort Wayne, IN USA – Connor Corporation, a leading provider of castings, forgings & rubber molded components, is pleased to announce our further expansion into cosmetic metal components.  We have recently partnered with an anodizer in Taiwan to provide a cosmetic silver anodize finish on several aluminum forgings we produce.  The anodizer uses a proprietary process to provide finishes on various forging alloys that matches the finishes applied to pure aluminum.  These forging assemblies will soon be found on the exterior of several 2021 model year automobiles.

The majority of our most recently launched programs will be produced at our factories throughout Southeast Asia, in countries without punitive tariffs into the US.

If your design team in currently in the design phase of any forgings or castings, with or without cosmetic finishes, please reach out as we can assist with prototyping as well as production.  Connor Corporation can be reached at to review your application, provide design assistance and production pricing.