Gravity Casting or Permanent Mold Casting

Gravity / Permanent Mold casting is a metal casting process offered by Connor Corporation that is characterized by pouring molten metal into a tool cavity under the force of gravity. The tool cavity is formed by two steel die halves which have been machined into shape. Most gravity castings are made from non-ferrous metals such as aluminum alloys

Understanding the Benefits

A primary advantage of the gravity casting process is the ability to produce large detailed aluminum parts at medium volumes.  Many times net shape parts with little or no secondary processes can be produced.  The tools are reusable so gravity casting can produce economical part prices for medium volume programs.  Typical volumes start at 10,000/year to 100,000/year.  Machining parts and forging have their advantages, but the costs are often higher with these processes.

Secondary Operations

We offer various machining, plating and finishing operations in-house to provide a finished part.

Our Machines

Vertical gravity casting machines, ZL-18”
Turnover gravity casting machines, ZJ1160Q (opening size 1100 X 600mm)
Turnover gravity casting machines, ZJQ1200 (opening size 840 X 220mm)
Turnover gravity casting machines, ZJQ1200 (opening size 840 X220X260)
Metal gravity casting machines, J336-B

Our Alloys

Aluminum 380 / ADC10
Aluminum 383 / ADC12

Additional information on these alloys and standard tolerances here.


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