Machined Parts from our Engineered Products Company

CNC lathesMachining is a production process that uses a cutting tool to remove material and produce a finished piece. The component can be machined by turning the part and moving the stationary tool into the part or holding the part stationary and moving the rotating tool into the part. Most machined production parts supplied by our engineered products company are run on CNC lathes or CNC multi-axis machines.

Understanding the Benefits

The materials for this process are generally brass or steel. The primary advantage of machining is the production of finished parts without the cost of a molding, casting, or forging tooling. Also, tighter tolerances can be held with machining versus castings or steel forgings. A wide range of volumes is possible, from tens to millions.

Our Machines

  • CNC lathes
  • CNC multi-axis machining centers
  • Screw machines

Our Alloys

  • Machine-grade cold-rolled steel (1215)
  • Stainless steel (SS304/5)
  • Brass

Additional information on these alloys and standard tolerances can be found here.

Contact us today to discuss the application of your machined part. We proudly offer our machining process and metal injection molding services to clients from across North America.