May 2021

News Release – May 10, 2021

Fort Wayne, IN USA – Connor Corporation is pleased to announce the addition of a new manufacturer’s representative sales agency for our SOUTHEAST territory.

EAGLE DYNAMICS, INCORPORATED, is headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina, and will be responsible for the South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia territory. Eagle Dynamics is managed by Mr. Tom Blaskovic, who possesses 25-plus years of agency sales experience serving the aerospace, industrial, military, nuclear, and transportation industries.

Eagle Dynamics is a member in good standing with the Manufacturers’ Agents National Association.

The addition of customer-focused agencies, like EAGLE DYNAMICS, to the Connor sales team, enhances Connor’s ability to supply highly competitive and premium value-added products to more customers while broadening the reach of our Company.

Companies in this territory can contact Tom at or 864-232-4628.