Metal Injection Molding Technical Info

Give your design team the detailed metal injection molding information they need to complete your product development. Connor Corporation is focused on serving the needs of our clients, and that includes detailed specifications for metal injection molding.

Technical Information – MIM


SUS316L is one of the most widely used materials in the MIM process. Its popularity is due to excellent performance on anti-corrosion, dimension control, machinability, and polishing cosmetic. The low-cost and non-permeability also make it feasible to consumer-electronics. SUS316L also offers excellent finishing characteristics for PVD/DLC plating, painting, and sandblasting.


SUS17-4PH is also one of the most widely used materials in the MIM process. Its popularity is due to excellent performance on tensile strength and hardness, which usually apply to the structural part. Compared to SUS316L, SUS17-4PH has a lower material cost, higher strength and hardness, and lower anti-corrosion. SUS17-4PH is martensitic, which can harden to 400HV after heat treatment, but needs to passivate to improve SST to 48 hours. It also can be used for CNC, polishing, PVD/DLC plating, or painting.


PANACEA is a new favorite material for the MIM process. PANACEA means “protect against nickel allergy, corrosion, erosion alloy.” It is as strong and stiff as SUS17-4PH and helps make the thinner part. Its non-permeability makes it more feasible for consumer electronics since there is no signal shield. The nickel-free character makes it feasible to wearable parts.


F75 is a new material applied to consumer electronics in recent years. It has a cobalt-base alloy and has much higher strength than standard MIM materials like SUS316L\17-4PH. The shrinkage is as stable and as small as SUS316L, which means good dimension control. F75 is also strong enough for the structural part and non-permeability. The anti-corrosion performance is better than PANACEA.

MIM Tolerances

Typical tolerances are +/- 0.5% of the dimension.

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