November 2020

News Release – November 2, 2019

Fort Wayne, IN USA – Connor Corporation is happy to announce the expansion of its capabilities to include assemblies with dissimilar materials. Connor’s most recent assembly to be launched is a charge port for an Electric Vehicle. This assembly includes 4 components, starting with an aluminum die casting, and includes a plastic sleeve, plastic pin, and steel spring clip.

Other recently launched assemblies consist of an aluminum forged housing with threaded steel studs, o-rings, and plastic inserts.

All of the most recently launched programs will be produced at our factories throughout Southeast Asia in countries without punitive tariffs into the US.

Assembly Rivian Charge Port

If your design team in currently in the design phase of any sub-assemblies, please reach out as we can assist with prototyping as well as production when you are ready. Connor Corporation can be reached at to review your application, provide design assistance, and production pricing.