Powder Metal

Powder MetalPowder Metal is a manufacturing process offered by Connor Corporation that is characterized by forming parts from a metal powder. The process starts with a mixture of blended iron, coppers, nickel, and other alloys, depending on the requirements from the application. The powder is transferred into the press thru gravity feed systems, next the powder metal is compacted in a tool to form the part, followed by a sintering operation in an oven to mechanical bond the metal together.  Most powder metal parts are made from ferrous metals, specifically steel alloys.

Understanding the Benefits

The Powder Metal process can be used to create materials that cannot be created in normal ingot grades to achieve special properties by melting.  Many times, net shape parts can be produced resulting in a finished part with little or no secondary processes.  The tools, built from tool steel, are reusable so the powder metal process can produce economical part prices for higher volume programs.  Typical volumes start at 25,000/year and go higher from there.  Casting parts and forging have their advantages for more complex geometry, but the costs are often higher with these processes.

Secondary Operations

We offer various machining, plating and finishing operations in-house to provide a finished part.

Our machines, presses

5 tons
550 tons

Our machines, ovens

1800 degrees F to 2100 degrees F

Our alloys

non-ferrous metals
Steel alloys
Stainless Steels (300 and 400 series)
Specialty blend alloys

Additional information on these alloys and standard tolerances here.


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