Rubber Molded Parts Technical Info

Start a discussion with our team about options available for rubber molded parts and take the guesswork out of product development. Connor Corporation provides each client with the rubber parts technical information needed for your production line. Our parts are made from rubber materials, including neoprene and silicon.

  1. Types of Rubber Materials
    1. CR
    2. EPDM
    3. FKM
    4. LSR
    5. NBR
    6. NR
    7. SBR
    8. Si
    9. TPV (Santoprene)
  2. Types of Rubber Mixing Processes
    1. Closed Chamber Rubber Mixing
    2. Open Mill Rubber Mixing
    3. Rubber Preform(s)
  3. Types of Rubber Molding Processes
    1. Compression
    2. Chemlock Applications (Spray and chain-on-edge capabilities)
    3. Hot Runner Injection
    4. Insert
    5. LSR
    6. Post Cure
    7. Transfer
  4. Rubber De-Flashing Techniques
    1. Manual
    2. Die Cut
    3. Cryogenic with or without Media
    4. Dry Tumbling
    5. Washing
  5. Dimensional Tolerance
    1. M1 = Precision molding, which requires precision molds, fewer cavities per tool, tight rubber mix controls, and precision measuring equipment
    2. M2 = High-quality molding involves much of the close control of precision molding
    3. M3 = Good quality moldings
    4. M4 = Moldings where dimensional control is non-critical

Tolerances for Molding

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